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Free open-world action game

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a free role-playing game that lets you battle demons raging through the fantasy realm. Developed and published by Gameloft in 2013, Dungeon Hunter 4 is compatible with Android and Apple iOS mobile devices like the iPhone. You can play the RPG on Mac and Microsoft Windows PC computers and laptops on macOS and Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

What happened to Dungeon Hunter 4?

While the developers decided to take away Dungeon Hunter 4 from their store and turn off the servers, you can still download and install the game title. Dungeon Hunter 4 is a popular exploration video game.

The epic visuals

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a theatrical adventure with entertaining dialogues and skits to watch. DH 4 opens with a cinematic piece to introduce you to the game lore. While the graphics are impressive and intriguing, there is blood and violence in many scenes and gameplay. The storyline performances can be lengthy, too.

You will have to choose a class before you can immerse yourself in the gameplay. There are four categories of classes: ‘Battleworn’, ‘Blademaster’, ‘Warmage’, and ‘Sentinel’. Each character has a profile that details their combat styles. You can choose whether you want the warrior to be a male or female avatar.

The Battleworn regiment can destroy multiple foes in one strike. The Blademasters are the best in solo combat and can use magic powers to disappear or take energy away from enemies. The Warmage class can cannon and teleport at the slightest hint of imminent danger. The Sentinel characters have bow-and-arrow weapons. The Sentinels can set traps and disable attackers from afar.

You will get to see an animated visual of each class character. You can click on the ‘Create’ button beneath the picture to complete the character creation process. There is a place to enter your name before you start to explore the kingdom.

The fun gameplay

The DH4 software system will prompt you throughout the game. There will be a virtual joystick in the bottom left corner that you can drag around the screen to move your character in any direction. The response time is instantaneous. You can attack with your weapon by tapping on the icon in the bottom right corner.

You will need to press the weapon button when you are close to approaching invaders to demolish them or else you will get hurt. Your health bars are in the upper left portion of the user interface. The real-time map is in the top right corner. You can follow the golden arrow on the map that leads you around.

You will be defeating demons in this game that are both smaller and larger than you. You can wreck the villains by pressing the skills icon that appears to the left of the weapon button. If you get injured during an encounter, then you can restore your health and energy by clicking on the vile image that appears on the right side of the screen.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a freemium platform that encourages you to make in-app purchases in the virtual shop for new armor, equipment, etc. While you do need to use coins during the game, you are not required to pay real money to play. You can find treasure chests and coins while you’re exploring the territory that can add supplies to your inventory.

You will level up after defeating demons, etc. You can see the level number that you are on beside the health meters in the upper left corner. Your character’s skill and stat points will increase when you level up. Dungeon Hunter 4 delivers three skill categories that train your character: active, passive, and spirit spells.

Additional gaming features

You will access new kingdoms as you advance through the game: Valenthia, etc. While Dungeon Hunter 4 focuses primarily on single-player gameplay, you can still access multiplayer modes online.

There is a wide variety of opponents in DH 4. Soldiers can become corrupt in the game and turn into dangerous enemies alongside the demons. You will need to defeat creatures with wings: leapers, etc. You can see the health line of the enemy that you are fighting deteriorate as you battle them.

The number of gold coins and gems that you have is in the top middle portion of the screen. You can access the shop by clicking the ‘Shop’ button next to the currency items.

Alternative action-adventure games

Diablo, Genshin Impact, and Titan Quest are comparable RPGs that are based on mystical worlds. Dungeon Hunter 4, Diablo, and Titan Quest have very similar graphics and camera angles. The games involve battleground areas ridden with fires, foes, etc. You can use hack-and-slash abilities in these open-world games to defeat intruders.

Genshin Impact has an appealing design that bursts with bright colors and vast landscapes. If you want to play an exploration title for free, then both Dungeon Hunter 4 and Genshin Impact are notable choices. Diablo and Titan Quest are paid apps that are available on Android, Apple Mac, and Microsoft Windows PC computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Free-to-play RPG

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a classic, open-world game based on an intrusive freemium model. While DH 4 has attractive controls, gameplay, and graphics, there are constant notices that prompt you to spend your gems. The goal of the game is to keep your allies safe by destroying ravaging demons. Each character can perform different tricks that advance them to the next level.

What’s new?

Gameloft ceased the development of Dungeon Hunter 4 to focus its efforts on different projects. While the DH 4 platform is not receiving new software updates, the latest release is still available to download and install. 


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  • Intriguing story
  • Appealing graphics
  • Single and multiplayer


  • Incessant upgrade announcements

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Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC

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  • In English
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  • PK Prosenjeet

    by PK Prosenjeet

    It is a beautiful Action and Adventure game and for this reason I like it personally very much.


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